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The Tours
From 1 to 7 days, they follow the roads of Seugne marsh, Charente valley and Né river. They run across some picturesque villages with beautiful houses of Charente, Romanesque churches..

You can also meet herons, storks, harriers, roe deer and coypus in a protected natural environment.

Your Stay
When you will arrive, we will introduce your caravan to you. We will explain to you your retailed routes with sheets and I.G.N. maps. We will also give you the necessary information for your supplying.
Then, you will become acquainted with your horse; you will learn to put the harness and to ride. We will travel with you for the first stage.
For a one-week stay, you will go away on Saturday from 3 p.m., and you will arrive on next Saturday before 10 a.m.

You can park your car into the farm parking: it is free!

Horse-Drawn Caravans and Carriages - Horse-Drawn Tours - Events - Tariff

The Horse-Drawn Caravans :
According to our customers, these real gypsy caravans are light, spacious, comfortable and fitted to 5 persons with a double-bed, a sofa double-bed and a one-man bed.
caravanscaravans : insidecaravans : inside

Into the caravan, there are bed sheets, blankets, pillows, six-people dishes, a kitchen stuff, a kitchen sink, 2 gas burners, a gas fridge, a chemical WC, a table and camp chairs.
For the horse: a bucket, a grooming bag and granules.
There is a bike carrier (to a maximum of 3 bikes) to the rear of the caravan.


roulotte : promenadeThe Horse-Drawn Carriages:
They allow a group of passengers to go away a full day (to a maximum of 14 persons) or several days (to a maximum of 12 persons). So, you can open out the benches, the pillows become a mattress for 6 person, and your tents can give the right change. There are also the material and foods for the horse.

The Horse:
He is a docile powerful workhorse we have broken in for you. He will become quickly everyone's friend, and chiefly children's one. Coming with you the first day, we will teach you how to care for him, to harness him and to ride him.
After that ?
You will take advantage of the main land. If you will have a problem, we will help you. We will able to give you a guide during your stay.

Events - Horse-Drawn Tours - Horse-Drawn Caravans and Carriages - Tariff

We can also suggest you weeding carriages and ancient carriages for your events: village fairs, other events.
Tariff - Horse-Drawn Tours - Horse-Drawn Caravans and Carriages - Events

TARIF 2016

Before the 08/07
After the 28/08
From the 08/07
to the 28/08
Week-end : 2 days
 3 days
4 days
Short week (5 days)
Week (7 days)
450 €
570 €
680 €
780 €
930 €
250 € / day
220 € / day
210 € / day
200 € / day
1090 €
Week-end (2 days and more)
Short week (5 days)
Week (7 days)
185 € / day 
600 €
780 €
210 € / day
770 €
840 €


These prices include :
- the rental of the carriage, the horse and its food
- the public-liability insurance, if the "Equestrian Farm" liability is recognized
- the gas and the bed sheets for the caravans
- the contribution in rest houses:
- the camp site and the horse's food (for the caravans)
- all the stopover costs for the caravans (including the showers)

Feasible options :
- Guide : 95 € per day
- Saddle horse for accompaniment with its food: 90 € per day

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