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Pony club
Arrangements - Activities - Tariff

The arena 36X20s

horse arena
 The "Equisol" career 35x50

career Equisol
The stables

horse stables
 The harness room

harness room

The Workshop Team
Nathalie, a State qualified instructor (specialized in sports) guide in equestrian tourismand, runs a team composed of 2 qualified counsellors for the Pony Club, a groom and a maintenance man. During the school holydays, another qualified guides in equestrian tourism, and a second State qualified instructor are added to the team.

The Cavalry
About forty animals, from the Shetland horse to the saddle horse, are at your disposal in order to satisfy all levels and ages.
Activities - Arrangements - Tariff

The lessons range in skill levels, from the beginners to the contest level. Children can begin lessons from 2 years old. There are many disciplines: galloping, barrier jumping, cross-country, dressage, stunt riding, horse-ball, pony-games, carriages and excursions on the beach of the Oléron isle (during the All Saint's holydays, with "Rand'Oléron").

Training Courses
During the school holydays, we set up 5-days training courses for the day camps (lodged under canvas). We also suggest individual training courses (to 6 days) with a possibility of housing in our bedrooms (bed and breakfast).
The bedrooms

 The living room

living room

Activities for Schools and Day Camps
Our play activities combine the discovery of the nature, the horses and the ponies (care, horsemanship, harnessing). We suggest you educational methods, which fit according to your objectives and budget. Contact us : (

Livery Stable - Breaking-in

We can accommodate your horse in livery stable, and offer you various possibilities from 280€ per month. We can also break in the horses (saddled and/or harnessed). If our services interest you, contact us : (

Our equestrian farm is opened all the year, including during the school holidays. During certain weekend, there are theme activities: horse-ball, TREC, competitions, open days, horse's festival, Halloween, Xmas…

Tariff - Arrangements - Activities

They are adapted to each activity (lessons, training courses, "baby ponies", riding, livery stable, breaking in…). If you want to know our tariffs, contact us : ( )
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