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The Merens Horses of Val de Seugne
Thoroughbred Horses

 merens horses of Val de Seugne
merens in arena

Very old breed, this wonderful black horse impressed Caesar during his achievement of the Gauls.
The Merens horse is gentle, tough, strong, graceful, completely black, and has great qualities. It is a leisure horse for the treks and the harnessing. It is naturally gentle and trusting, so children and novice riders can ride this horse without problem.

The breeding :
Jean-Renaud knows his horses from their birth. The majority of his brood mares and his stallions came from the birthplace of the Merens breed: the Ariège. His patience and his method allow him to have very good Merens horses. All the horses have regulatory papers, a memory chip, and are vaccinated. According to the age, they can be broken in, trained for the saddle or / and harnessing.
The stallions are available for the covering of your mare. We can receive them, look after the foals and deal with the transportations.

Tests :
Do you want to have a Merens horse? You can come and try to ride one of our horses! We will receive you during a weekend (or more than a weekend), and you could also visit our country (we are near the beach of Royan).

Tariff :
From 700 € for a young male horse (weaning). Request the list of the available horses.

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